Woman with dairy allergy died after eating contaminated Pret wrap, coroner rules

A woman with a dairy allergy died after eating contaminated Pret wrap.

Women with an acute dairy allergy died after eating a pret-a-manger wrap labeled as a vegan despite containing traces of milk, a coroner has ruled. Celia marsh, 42, died after eating the super veg rainbow flatbread while shopping with her family in a bath in 2017. The coconut yogurt dressing had been cross-contaminated, the coroner Maria Voisin found at an inquest in Bristol on Thursday. Mrs. Marsh, a dental nurse, had been on a shopping trip with her family on 27 December when she ate the pret wrap.

She was declared dead less than two hours later, having collapsed in the street despite the effort of passers-by and paramedics to save her. Ms. Voisin said Mrs marsh had suffered an anaphylactic shock after eating the wrap. The coroner said, “a product which is marked dairy-free should be free from dairy. Celia marsh was not aware the wrap contained milk protein. The protein was in an ingredient called Coyo that contained an extra ingredient called HGI. The contamination arose because the ingredients HGI was cross-contaminated during manufacturing.

Her husband, Andy, called for tighter control and said, “he said any manufacturer who makes something labeled free from should take responsibility for the testing to make sure it is precisely that, and he also added that Celia meant the world to us. She could brighten up your worst days with just one smile. She would look at you with her blue eyes, and you felt better. She was a great mum. “People could tell we were in love just sitting in the same room as us and us not saying a word to each other.“ The CEO of Pret a Manger, Pano Christou, said the company fully supported the coroner’s findings.

As a father and husband, I can only imagine how distressed this has been for Celia’s children and family. Our deepest sympathy remains with everyone who knew and loved Celia, he said. As the coroner made clear, Planet coconut had information which should have alerted them that their COYO yogurt may have contained milk, and this information was not passed on to Pret.”

It goes without saying that if pret had ever known that Coyo yogurt may have contained milk. We would have never used the ingredients.“

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