Flight with Queen’s Coffin is most tracked in history

The queen’s coffin was flown on an RAF GLOBAL MASTER C17 on Tuesday evening after lying in state at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. The coffin of Queen Elizabeth ll is taken away in the Royal Hearse from the Royal Air Force Northolt airbase to travel to Buckingham palace (AFP). Nearly six million people tried to follow a British Royal Air Force transport aircraft taking Queen Elizabeth’s coffin from Edinburgh in Scotland to London, making it the most tracked flight in history website Flighttradar 24 said on Wednesday.

The previous record was when US military aircraft carrying US HOUSE Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan last month was followed by 2.2 million people on Flight radar 24. On Tuesday, nearly six million people tried to follow the British military plane route from Edinburgh to RAF Northolt within its first minutes in the air, the website said. The huge traffic caused disruption to the site, where users can track the path of planes in the air. More than 4.79 million people watched on its site and app 296 000were watching on a YouTube Stream, the BBC reported.

The flight used the call sign KITTYHAWK for any military flight with Queen on board. The C-17 Glob master transport aircraft was used to take humanitarian aid and weapons to Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. Prime minister Liz Truss and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace were among those waiting at RAF Northolt for the flight carrying the coffin of the late monarch. Queen Elizabeth ll died aged 96 at her Balmoral Castle summer residence in Scotland on 8th September.

Flight radar 24 said it had taken steps to make its platform as stable as possible before the plane took off. The 82-year-old US politician’s visit to Taiwan took place on August 2 amid the uncertainty about whether Pelosi would follow through on her pledge to visit the self-ruled island China says is a rebel province that should be reunified with the mainland even by force. The flight to Taiwan taken by Pelosi, the US House of Representatives Speaker, in August attracted interest as she was the highest ranking American official in 25 years to visit Taiwan.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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