‘GTA 6’ Suffers Massive Leak Of 90 Gameplay Videos

GTA 6 leak of 90 Gameplay Videos

There was huge trouble over at Rockstar this morning. It has been reported that a huge amount of early footage from GTA 6 has been leaked out. The footage is spread across 90 videos and is currently being posted to all forms of social media. This has basically found to originated from GTA forums. A used named teapotuberhacker had posted 90 videos which it is being said are from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6. This user also claims to be behind the recent hack at Uber. The released footage also seems to confirm details from older leaks. It includes the location, the Miamiesque Vice City, and the male and female leads. The footage leaked showed a woman named Lucia and a man named Jason.

In one of the clips, it is shown that a player controls Lucia as she is robbing a diner and fleeing from the cop afterward with Jason.

In another video, Jason is seen standing and witnessing a very Rockstar-ish conversation between two redneck girls by a pool. Rockstar is soon or later going to purge these from the internet. But there is so much footage out there and that also is spreading so widely, that it will have an impossible amount of time scrubbing it all.

We can’t really even entertain the thought that the footage out there is fake, unlike some other industry leads. Firstly the amount of footage leaked is so much and also with too many details that it will be borderline impossible to fake at this scale. It seems like a genuine hack and a kind of breach of Rockstar to produce this footage. Rockstar obviously would try to track this hacker down and bring them to legal justice. But we will have to wait and see how successful would they be in their pursuit.

The footage which is released and posted on social media has generated praise and positive likes on YouTube. Fans are excited mostly to see GTA 6 and Vice City and to see the new characters in action. Rockstar was so tight-lipped about GTA 6 that fans had got desperate for any kind of information or footage about it.

But unfortunately, they are getting the footage through the leaks.

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