PUBG Mobile version 2.2 brings a new map and new characters

PUBG Mobile Update 2.2

There is some good news for all the PUBG players across the world. It has been declared that a new version of PUBG 2.2 will be released tomorrow. PUBG is basically a battle royal game that is developed by PUBG studios and it is a subsidiary of Krafton. This version will give gamers some brand new features such as a new game mode, cosmetics, visual changes to the environment, and updated locations of the existing Erangel map. The major attraction of the updated version is the inclusion of this new map. It is called Nusa and it is basically a tropical paradise island which sounds very similar to the call of duty.

This new map would take place on a tropical island. It will offer an abundance of suppliers for all players to pick up right away. The island will have a small 1×1 km map. Because of this size, a new Super Recall mechanic is also introduced. It will respawn players who were eliminated previously in the game.

It will be valid in only those cases where they have surviving teammates. For the Erangel, gamers can find additional spots and some visual changes in the environment. With this new version, there will also be the inauguration of a new mode which will be called Gear Front Mode. This will be available on all maps and would offer a new traverse. It will supply different supply options such as tokens, military supplies, and medicines.

Gear front mode is basically a themed mode that would deliver fast-paced gunfights, more enemy counters, and quick map traversal, and new skills.

In addition to this, there will also be an introduction of two new characters in the latest 2.2 updates. The two players who will be introduced are Spectral Swan and Cosmic Inquisitor. Fans are all excited about the development. The earlier version of PUBG itself was such a big hit and everybody from children to adults enjoyed this game all across the world. Hence everybody is anxious and eagerly waiting for the new version to enjoy with their family and friends.

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