Twitch will be banning gambling streams from October 18

Twitch will be banning gambling streams

Twitch is owned by Amazon Inc. It is going to prohibit live streaming gambling sites like, Rollbit and All these sites are not licensed either in the US or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection. is the most popular of these sites. It is licensed in Curacao. They are going to ban controversial crypto gambling live streams after the backlash against the multimillion dollar sponsorship deals which are enjoyed by top Twitch personalities.

The ban on these will come into effect from October 18. They have also stated that while they prohibit sharing links or referral codes to all sites,, including slots, roulette, or dice games, they have also noticed that some people circumvent these roles and expose their community to potential harm.

They also said that watching streamers has become as popular as watching gamers play Fortnite on Twitch. This is as per the data taken from TwitchTracker. It has come to notice that at any given time, over 50,000 would be watching Twitch celebrities play slots, Blackjack and other games of chance and are primarily gambling with crypto currencies like Ether and Bitcoin.

Sites like do sponsor the biggest influencers for upwards of $1 million per month. Both fans as well as Twitch streamers had spoken out against gambling live streams. Many of the Twitch personalities this week had threatened to stop live streaming on Twitch if do not act on gambling. Some of the fans have now become addicted to crypto gambling after seeing their favourite streamers participate.

According to the latest release from Twitch, gambling would not be completely banned from the video streaming platform. They have laid out some exemptions. It will continue to allow websites which focus on sports betting, fantasy sports and poker. Further it is also currently not clear what Twitch considers sufficient consumer protection. It is also not clear whether card games such as blackjack would fall as Twitch has exempted poker form the new rules.

Twitch had advised that they will share further updates in their new gambling policy. We have to wait for the update from them.

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