Why SF Giants, Hunter Pence fit ‘like a puzzle piece’

There are celebrations scheduled for Saturday. Hunter Pence will become the 55th person with a plaque on the Giants Wall of Fame. Before Saturday, he will be watching his game against the Dodgers on a Friday night from his seat on the Apple TV+. Pence’s bubbly personality would make him a natural behind the mic. It will be pretty sure that he will make for a number of memorable moments during Saturday’s pre-game ceremony.

It’s possible that some public would have never met the Pence they know and love were it not for his mid-season move to the Giants in 2012. Pence said that San Francisco kind of helped him to be okay with who he is. He said that he felt like this is the perfect hit and like a perfect piece of the puzzle. Everything he did was a bit quirky, a bit awkward. He felt that the city of Francisco felt hyper-creative, very open –minded and had a little bit of uniqueness. He also said that his friends would say that he is just one of a kind out there. He felt very welcome in San Francisco.

Giants had acquired Pence from the Phillies at the close of trading in 2012. By this time he had already established himself as one of the top outfielders in the majors. He was at the heart of a big deadline deal last year that sent him from Houston to Philly. But it was in San Francisco, where he thrived. He just wore his socks up and wiggled his plate.

He provided heroic deeds on the field. Outside the ground, he enjoyed his surfing. He enjoyed riding his scooter to the ballpark and made himself popular in the town. He helped the team to win two World Series titles. His way of celebration was a bit different which matched the ethos of San Francisco. Pence had spent more than four years in Houston and was part of two seasons in Philadelphia before coming to San Francisco.

He will be the 55th person to be honored with a plaque on the Wall of Fame but would be the first one to receive it at the pitch ceremony before a game.

Featured Image Credit: The Mercy News

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